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Take a closer look at the how and why we do it this way

Our Approach

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Programming Console

Open Source

A Cloud-Fit Platform

Open APIs

Open source, through and through. Our software runs on NodeRED, using Node.js and offers open APIs, making Streampunk Media's solutions, one of the most open source available.

Scale Up and Down

Scale it up or down - make it as big or as small a part of your system as you need. Our code runs on generic non-media hardware. Yes, we test it on Windows, Linux and MacOS as we go. That makes it quick to set-up - you can try for yourself.

IT - Secure with HTTPS

We offer a secure IT solution, rather than an IP one. We utilise the most-recent versions of TCP/IP and HTTPS to ensure your media workflow is secure from microphone to delivery. Secure at the user level, the facility level and the cloud level.

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Paint Cloud


A Deeper Look

Built for the cloud, or where ever you want to work. Our solution goes beyond Lift and Shift and beyond Virtualisation.

Once you have installed our software, you have everything you need to build your Content Production for Media Workflows. Our code is built using tools from the Internet of Things and so everything works in the cloud already.

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A deeper look

IoT - Internet of Things

Or how to wire Twitter to your fridge. Many homes now have a smart assistant like Alexa or Google Home to connect their multimedia devices, lighting and heating controls and security devices together. There is a growing range of technology available that uses the Internet of Things to talk to each other and their success in ticking off their day-to-day tasks can be monitored closely.

The Internet of Things provide the powerful, scalable and secure backbone to our software. Many of the concerns that the Broadcast Industry may have about IT are being solved or have already been solved though the Internet of Things platforms. Our open source software is built using existing open source tools from the Internet of Things

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