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IoT Toolkit

Connect, control, monitor and scale your media workflow with Dynamorse - our prototype suite of IoT modules have all the essential professional media tools.

IoT - the Internet of Things - is a cloud-based method of connecting many different types of devices together. We've harnessed it's power to build a dynamic software-only infrastructure for professional media workflows.

Dynamorse: Projects

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Just Like Clockwork


1. Design

From anywhere

Design dynamic software infrastructure for professional media workflows - in a browser! Use IBM's Node-RED IoT tool to choose inputs and outputs including IP streams, files & SDI. Add processing functions such as transcoding, repacking, resizing & graphics. A ground-up implementation of the JT-NM reference architecture with a library of capabilities ... or add your own!


2. Deploy

Scale Up or Down

Deploy your infrastructure to local servers, edge devices or cloud services, manually via the web UI or automatically through REST APIs. Register and discover streams using NMOS APIs. Scale & secure your infrastructure using web technologies such as caching, load balancing & TLS/SSL. Small to large systems: from Raspberry PIs to compute clusters.


3. Monitor

Dynamic and Agile

Monitor your infrastructure using standard IT monitoring tools, such as influxdblogstash and grafana. Orchestrate your resources based on dynamic feedback. All of Streampunk's software is asynchronous and non-blocking, optimised for multi-core systems. Our streams are reactive, with back pressure to balance their load across CPUs & infrastructure.

Dynamorse: Services
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